Wind Turbines:


Latest news on Feed-in Tariffs:

On 1st February 2010 the Government published feed-in tariffs for renewable electricity, to be implemented from 1st April 2010.

For any individual or business installing a wind turbine up to 15KW output they will be elligible for the following payments;

  • 26.7p/kWh for all electricity generated (24.1p/kWh for wind turbines 15-100KW output) (the "generation tariff");
  • another payment additional to the generation tariff for every kWh exported to the wider energy market (the "export tariff"). Generators will be guaranteed a market for their exports at a long-term guaranteed price of 3p/kWh, or they may opt out and sell the electricity on the open market.
  • Electricity can be used, at no cost, on-site, to offset some or all of the electricity that generators would otherwise have had to buy.
  • The generation tariff and export tariff are index linked.
  • For household customers producing energy mainly for their own use, the tariff income is free from income tax.

The generation rate will be guaranteed for 20 years from the date of installation of the turbine.

The scheme is intended to kick start the renewable energy market. As the market becomes more mature and the costs of technologies decrease the generation tariff will be reduced in order to maintain a comparable return on investment. The reduced rates will continue to be guaranteed for 20 years.

  • Generate mains voltage electricity
  • Sell all electricity generated and export surplus to the national grid
  • In Suffolk a 6KW turbine would normally produce 7,000KWhr / annum if located in a good site
  • Planning consent required (we have experience of this)
  • Turbines can not usually be heard above the noise of the wind at distances greater than 100m

We can advise on suitability of site, planning applications and tariffs.


C&F Green Energy 20KW and 15KW (photo from C&F)

Gaia 11KW

Hoisting Gaia 11KW


Proven 6KW Wind Turbine


Detail of Proven 6KW


Inverter and Grid Connect

Inverter and Grid Connect

2KW Wind Turbine

Detail of Proven Turbine Base