We have undertaken a number of bespoke projects. Some examples are:


Case Study "Larry"

Larry lives on a farm in a remote place, where grid connection is prohibitively expensive. He is in the process of applying for planning permission for a wind turbine, but needed power in the meantime. We installed a generator and battery bank to meet his immediate needs, designed to work in conjunction with a wind turbine when the project is completed.

12KVA Generator

Close-up of Generator

Battery Bank and Inverter/Chargers


Case Study "Brewery"

The brewery uses organic grain to brew very green beer (no carbon offset used here!) This is done using a combination of solar hot water and a biomass boiler. We recently visited the brewery on a snowy day, and saw that the solar collectors were at 46˚C!

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Case Study "Youth Project"

The yard project is an accredited training scheme which aims to develop building, life and work skills for 16-24 year olds in the local area. A barn has been converted into a workshop, meeting rooms and cafe facility, using environmentally friendly materials and construction techniques, where possible. As part of the project a 20 KW Woodviking Pelletmaster stove and 3.9m² flat plate solar panel had been installed, to provide space heating and hot water. Ecoexcel worked with the students on the installation.

Case Study "Low Farm"

The owners of Low Farm had spent a decade restoring a derelict Suffolk farmhouse and its surrounding barns, using local craftsmen to replicate the original buildings. They have installed ground source and air source heat pumps, and have recently added a wind turbine. Ecoexcel has been involved at every stage, including representing the client at all planning meetings and finding solutions to objections, as well as discussing the technical aspects of the installation with representatives of the press.

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